About WordPress

About WordPress

WordpressHi everyone, this is my first post for my new blog. Here I am trying to give you knowledge about wordpress and make you update every day. Also I will try to give solution of problem which I was facing during working with wordpress and common problem fetch by other. I hope you always be with me and make me perfect.

Today I am going to tell why I choose wordpress to develop website and what opportunity you will get from wordpress.

Currently more than 17% website is running by wordpress. It is a huge amount of web space. WordPress is easy to use by user and this decorates most users friendly as I think. Otherwise it is not so complicated for developer to develop a new site using wordpress. Even a new person who has no knowledge to develop website and no knowledge of programming he can develop a professional look website. I think it is a great advantage for all.

The lovely feature what you can get from wordpress:

WordPress give you a lot of feature for both developer and user. It is really lovely for all. Here I give some feature as a bullet point. You can get details from wordpress.

  • Simplicity
  • Flexibility
  • Multilanguage
  • Easy theme system
  • Media management
  • User management
  • Search engine optimized
  • Easy install and update
  • Extend with plugins
  • Publish with easy
  • Publishing tools
  • Freedom of use etc.

Developer feature:

  • Develop to  Theme
  • Develop to  Plugins
  • Application Framework
  • Custom content type
  • Latest libraries

This lot of feature makes me a fan for wordpress. As a developer I also find plenty of resource any time anywhere. And most of themes and plugins are under GNU Public License. So you can use it and study it and also modify it as you like. I think it is great opportunity for transferring knowledge one to another.

Here I am taking break for today. I hope you will stay with me in next post.